trudie moore fine artist


Gloss paint on professionally made deep frame canvas

H50 x W50cm (45mm deep)

Small square painting using brown and pink paint to create pools of colour that resist one another and create unplanned edges. To contrast this red is 'drawn' freehand onto the surface of these allowing the paint to react and create one uniform surface where the paints themselves, once applied move.

The artist interacted here after the application of the paint to allow the paint to move into a new position, however the element of control in the painting is determined once again by the paint itself, the weight and spread of the paint as it settles. The only control the artist has at this paint is that she is able to limit the spread of the paint.

This painting, together with others, produces a body of work that explores control and freedom within the artist's range, and the surfaces and application of paint in itself by playing with the process of painting. The final painting results in a surface that consumes the canvas
painting ref: bbj
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