trudie moore fine artist


Gloss paint on professionally made deep frame canvas.

H60 x W30cm (45mm deep)

This abstract painting uses tonal bright pinks against an aubergine deep purple coloured background.

Frenetically applied paint is brushed and poured in a manner that's both controlled and free with an element of constraint that the artist uses to contain the energy of the painting. The application method creates an electric feel to the outcome of the painting. There's a contrast between what the artist intends as the end result and the behaviour of the paint itself.

Frayed and tingling edges where the paint applications react with one another on the surface are out of the artist's control except for the timing of application of the paint.

The surface of the painting is both smooth and glossy and textured and raised bringing attention to the paint itself. As with all the gloss paintings in this body of work, the paint wraps the canvas creating a synthetic layer
painting ref: bbi
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