trudie moore fine artist


Grey, ivory and multicolour diptych on ready made canvas.

H40 x W50cm each panel (allow approx 105cm total width)

I believe in making art accessible to everyone. This painting has been made as a cheaper alternative to some of the larger paintings on bespoke frames in order to provide an entry point to purchase affordable art for your home.

Painted in gloss paint on two separate panels the paint wraps around the edges of the frames. The paintings should be hung approximately one inch from one another.

The paint continues from one panel to the next over a duotone background making each half a separate entity from the other, yet together they are one harmonious piece with continuation and consistency across the two panels.

Clean bright pink, yellow and orange together with pastel blue and ivory fits with current trends for pastels and brights and is a unique piece of art that you will love for years to come
painting ref: aaw
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