trudie moore fine artist


Red and white gloss on professionally made deep frame canvas.

H80 x W80cm (45mm deep)

This painting is one of four that play with the properties of the household gloss paints. Rich, smooth textures and skins of paint across the canvas in thick and bold layers create a sense of a plastic skin of paint enveloping itself around the canvas.

These paintings were each made in one sitting which means that I have a degree of control over the paint, but sometimes the paint itself takes over and dictates the finished result leaving the painting with an edge of chaos after the process has been carried out.

The paint application is sometimes controlled and sometimes has a sense of freedom, a conflict and tension within the painting. In this painting itself, there is a combination of controlled application with a planned approach to applying the paint, however the fluid and freeform overlay is what creates the contrast here.
painting ref: aaab
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